All Natural

Our Key Ingredients

Here at Ominira we believe everyone should have the ability to grow long, luscious, healthy hair. That is why we only use the best quality ingredients that are backed by science.

Peppermint Essential Oil Blend (Mentha Arvensis)

RAPID hair growth booster, stimulates & nourishes the hair follicle, soothes an itchy scalp

Jojoba Oil

Scalp health optimiser, mimics your natural sebum and controls bacterial growth

Sweet Almond Oil

Adds luscious shine, conditions and strengthens the hair shaft protecting your hair against split ends

Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Excellent moisturising plant oil, it penetrates the hair to make it stronger! Softens hair and makes it much easier to detangle


Nourishes hair, promotes hair growth, enlarges follicle size, prevents hair loss, fights dandruff, baldness and premature greying of hair


Boosts hair growth, prevents dreadful split ends, soothes an itchy scalp and delays greying of hair.

Watermelon Oil

This oil is a wonder! It is extremely moisturising without being overly greasy this oil helps to moisturise the hair and scalp while preventing hair breakage. Abundant amount of antioxidants which boosts scalp circulation helping with hair fall/loss. The copper helps the production of melanin and is responsible for keeping hair colour intact and the potassium is an important component of cell growth, which aids in optimal hair growth. It also helps with hair elasticity


A "humectant" which is a super ingredient - it literally grabs water from the air and into your hair allowing you to retain moisture, it also adds much needed slip which is SO important for detangling!


Stimulates hair growth and improves the quality of hair. Contains calcium, promotes healthier hair. Helps strengthen hair follicles & reduces hair thinning. Antifungal and antiviral properties, prevent dandruff & improve scalp health.


Rich in vitamins like A, E, D, K. Help in nourishing the hair strands, making them stronger and shinier


Strengthens hair follicles, prevents excessive shedding and hair loss


Reduces hair loss, promotes healthy hair growth, minimises grey hairs and reduces dandruff


Stimulates blood flow to the scalp, nourishes the hair follicles and encourages faster, healthier hair growth, while its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help treat dandruff, scalp irritation. Also strengthens the hair due to its mineral and protein content, resulting in less hair shedding and hair loss

Hydroxypropyltrimonium Honey

This is liquid gold! It has a whole host of medicinal benefits including:

  • Promotes hair growth,

  • Another "humectant" which is a super ingredient - it literally grabs water from the air and into your hair allowing you to retain moisture.

  • An emolient which will add shine to dull hair.

  • Treats scalp psoriasis with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Avocado Oil

Another excellent moisturising plant oil, it also penetrates the hair to make it stronger and prevents breakage