“My hair does not grow” 😭

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This hair growth journey can be a frustrating one, especially if you have tried everything under the sun and your hair won’t grow anything more than a few cm from your scalp. Or your hair seems to break off no matter how gentle you are when handling it.
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Why is my hair falling out?

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  Is your hair falling out? You’ll want to read this!   What to do when your hair line suddenly...

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Do you have extremely dry hair that never seems to grow?

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Dry hair breaks. It’s as simple as that. There’s no other way around it, if someone tells you otherwise it’s a lie!...

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Got a bald patch? You'll want to read this!

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We’ve all been there…We see an amazing braided hairstyle on Instagram and think “I need this!” *takes screenshot*

Only to find ourselves at the hair dressers who have somehow pulled our edges so tight to achieve this look, leaving us with a bald spot. This is scientifically defined as “Traction Alopecia”.

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The real reason your hair just won’t grow past that certain point…

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Did you know that poor detangling is one of THE leading causes of breakage?

This is something alot of people miss out on and wonder why their hair never grows past a certain point!

No matter what hair growth products you use (yes even our Best Selling Hair Growth Potion!) without a good detangling routine your hair will never grow to that waistlength goal or more.

This is something alot of haircare business may never address and just sell you product; which is like trying to put a bandage on an internal bleeding wound. It just won’t work. We need to address the root cause to actually see results

Contrary to popular belief your hair is growing every single second of the day, if you are not seeing results it is because it is simply because it is breaking off.

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"My natural hair just wont grow, what can I do?" - Tackling Hair Breakage Series

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"I've been natural for years and my hair has been the same length!"

“My hair is always breaking off at the ends!”

“My hair just won’t grow no matter what I do!”


Have you ever said any of these before? You are definitely not the only one.

Breakage is a cycle that if not dealt with, will never allow you to see any results.

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