Hair Thickening Scalp Massager
Hair Thickening Scalp Massager
Hair Thickening Scalp Massager

The Ultimate Hair Growth Experience

Hair Thickening Scalp Massager

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Frustrated with scalp issues, broken edges, thinning hairstubborn and slow hair growth
Have you suffered terrible hair loss and been told you could never grow it back?
Well, enough is enough! 
Our Hair Thickening Scalp Massager was created for all those who want to revive their hair and achieve longer, thicker, fuller hair.
Scalp massages are backed by science, don't believe us? Read the scientific article here! Our simple but effective device works to stimulate your scalp by stretching the hair follicles, and stimulating the scalp to produce THICKER hair that grows FASTER!
The silicone bristles are hygienic, flexible and gentle -  perfect for those with sharp or long nails.
Simply massage your scalp with our Best Selling Hair Growth Potion & Hair Thickening Scalp Massager to:
  1. Beat Alopecia ✅
  2. Grow back your edges ✅
  3. Fill in bald spots ✅
  4. BOOST your hair growth! ✅
  5. Grow THICKER hair ✅
  6. Beat Dandruff ✅
  7. Get rid of product build up that causes BREAKAGE ✅

So you can finally enjoy luscious, thick, healthy hair that you are proud to wear.

Shop with Confidence - 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Easy 6 Step Guide to MAXIMISE Your Hair Growth:

  1. Apply a small amount of our Best Selling Hair Growth Potion
  2. Use the Hair Thickening Scalp Massager for up to 4 minutes
  3. Download our FREE PDF "Guaranteed Waistlength Hair Checklist"
  4. See growth in ONLY 4 weeks!
  5. Track your progress taking pictures every 7 DAYS, tagging us @OminiraNaturals on Instagram
  6. Enjoy longer, thicker, healthier hair for life


Directions & Usage
  • Apply our Best Selling Hair Growth Potion or shampoo throughout the scalp 
  • Hold the Hair Thickening Scalp Massager in your palm then gently press the rubber tips to the scalp using medium pressure and massage using small circular motions whilst holding the length of your hair
  • Repeat on all areas throughout the scalp
  • Avoid large circular motions and hold onto the length of your hair whilst massaging to prevent tangling
  • Our Hair Thickening Scalp Massager can be used on wet or dry hair with, or without product
  • Made for ALL hair types
  • Can be used everyday for optimal results