"Tangle Slayer" Extreme Slip Detangling Conditioner
"Tangle Slayer" Extreme Slip Detangling Conditioner
"Tangle Slayer" Extreme Slip Detangling Conditioner
"Tangle Slayer" Extreme Slip Detangling Conditioner
"Tangle Slayer" Extreme Slip Detangling Conditioner
"Tangle Slayer" Extreme Slip Detangling Conditioner
"Tangle Slayer" Extreme Slip Detangling Conditioner
"Tangle Slayer" Extreme Slip Detangling Conditioner
"Tangle Slayer" Extreme Slip Detangling Conditioner

The Ultimate Hair Growth Experience

"Tangle Slayer" Extreme Slip Detangling Conditioner

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Did you know that poor detangling is one of the leading causes of breakage?

This is something alot of people miss out on and wonder why their hair never grows past a certain point!

No matter what hair growth products you use (yes even our Best Selling Hair Growth Potion!) without a good detangling routine your hair will never grow to that waistlength goal or more.

At Ominira we are passionate about giving you the best Hair growth products and tools! This is why we created The Smooth as Silk Tangle Slayer - Extreme Slip Detangling Conditioner.

We call it a “Slayer” because it eradicates tangles that cause unnecessary breakage.

Backed by science this simple but effective formula will soften your hair so it feels like silk, glides through your fingers; cutting your detangling time by half!

This Detangling Conditioner was made for all who want:

✅ Reduced breakage 

✅ Thicker, fuller hair  

✅ Nourished hair (this conditioner is enriched with olive, avocado and so much more!)  

✅ Simpler hair routine (this conditioner will cut your detangling time by half!)  For the Ultimate Hair Growth routine, Bundle & Save with our Anti-Breakage Bundle.

300ML - £19.99

1000ML - £53.99 (SAVE 23%!)

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Watch the mini tutorial included for visuals! 😊


  • Made for ALL kinky curly hair types, no hair type is excluded!
  • Use every single wash day to eradicate tangles!

Full Ingredient List 

+ Detailed explanation of each ingredient so you understand what you are putting in your hair!

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients please refrain from purchasing, your safety is our priority!

  1. Aqua - water, your hair loves it!
  2. Cetearyl Alcohol - Not the kind of alcohol you drink! This is an emulsifier, prevents the oil and water separating! Also an emolient which softens the hair, adds needed weight without being greasy.
  3. Glycerin - a "humectant" which is a super ingredient - it literally grabs water from the air and into your hair allowing you to retain moisture, it also adds much needed slip which is SO important for detangling!
  4. Olive Oil  - Excellent moisturising plant oil, it penetrates the hair to make it stronger!
  5. Avocado Oil - Another excellent moisturising plant oil, it also penetrates the hair to make it stronger!
  6. Essential Oils: Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Basil (Ocimum Basilicum), Black Pepper (Piper Nigrum), Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Radiata), Frankincense (Boswellia Serrata), Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus), Lime Distilled (Citrus Aurantifolia), Orange (Citrus Sinensis ) and Pine (Pinus Sylvestris) for fragrance
  7. Phenoxyethanol - Simply a preservative to prevent our products from going off.
  8. Distearoylethyl Dimonium Chloride - Conditions the hair and prevents hair static which we all hate!
  9. Behentrimonium Chloride - This is a triple threat - 1️⃣ Provides great slip, 2️⃣ Anti-static agent 3️⃣ Emulsifier (prevents water and oil seperation)
  10. Panthenol - Fancy name for Vitamin B which conditions and moisturises the hair to make it feel softer. Penetrates deeply into the hair and makes it stronger!
  11. Isopropyl Alcohol - Again, not the kind of alcohol you drink, it is purely an antibacterial ingredient to prevent your product from going off! Used in very minute quantities
  12. Hydrolysed Sweet Almond Seedcake - Natural and organic coating agent for hair fibres, it restores the health of your hair making it look amazing!


Silicones, Sulphates, Parabens, Minerals, Synthetic or Artificial Colours, Animal Products, Animal Testing.



Keep away from eyes, if in contact immediately bathe the eye with running water for 15 minutes

Please make sure you carry out a small skin patch test of the product before applying. If you react, rinse your hair and scalp immediately using warm water and a mild shampoo. This product cannot be guaranteed free from traces of nuts or other allergens, not liable for responsible for any illness or allergic reaction.
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please do seek medical advice before use.
For External Use Only. If Irritation Occurs, Discontinue Use. Avoid Contact With Eyes.