Here at Ominira we believe everyone should have the ability to grow long, luscious, healthy hair.

We are passionate about giving you unlimited access to the products, tools and knowledge to grow healthy, long natural hair; and we want you to be proud of the hair that you were born with!

Therefore our commitment to you is shown by upholding the following standards:

  1. We refuse to sell products that are not backed by science and do not meet our quality standards.
  2. We put each product to the test to be sure it earns the Ominira Seal of Approval.
  3. We truly care about the health of your hair so we are committed to using only the best quality ingredients.


Meet Our Founder



Ominira was founded in 2020 by Janet Davies BSc Biochemistry, a Natural Hair Enthusiast who since starting her natural hair journey in 2011 has achieved waistlength hair TWICE! Janet has dedicated over 10 years into researching the best ways to care for our precious hair and optimise it for growth. It was during this period she discovered that there was absolutely no black representation in the UK Natural Hair Industry. 

As a passionate advocate for the Black Community, she has dedicated herself to creating a brand that is "For Us & By Us" with the aim to educate, uplift and empower black women to not only gain the knowledge and tools to grow healthy long hair, but to also create thriving black communities through economic empowerment.

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