What to do when a hairstyle ruins your hair line😭?

We’ve all been there…We see an amazing braided hairstyle on Instagram and think “I need this!” *takes screenshot*

cornrow hairstyle@neyhairs_


Only to find ourselves at the hair dressers who have somehow pulled our edges so tight to achieve this look, leaving us with a bald spot. This is scientifically defined as “Traction Alopecia”. [1]

traction alopecia

Remember how we covered why afro hair is so fragile in Episode 1? Well, it’s no surprise that excessive, repeated pulling and tugging of this oh-so fragile hair texture can only lead to one thing - balding! It's also not only limited to tight hairstyles but, excessively "laying of edgesl" can have the same effect!


If this is you, early diagnosis and treatment is important because hair loss is much more easily reversible in the early stages. Left too late, we may need other interventions which we will discuss in a future post.


So if you find yourself in this situation what do you do?


Our Best Selling Hair Growth Potion is packed with a very potent level of Peppermint Essential Oil which contains organic compounds called “Terpenes”. These terpenes are one of the very few compounds that are actually able to penetrate the hair follicle to stimulate it as well as blood flow to the scalp to enable you to grow back any damage sooner rather than later. 


Just look at some of our customer’s results:


customer review of traction alopeica

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References [1] - Hair and scalp disorders in women of African descent: an overview

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