Did you know that poor detangling is one of THE leading causes of breakage?

This is something alot of people miss out on and wonder why their hair never grows past a certain point!

No matter what hair growth products you use (yes even our Best Selling Hair Growth Potion!) without a good detangling routine your hair will never grow to that waistlength goal or more.

This is something alot of haircare business may never address and just sell you product; which is like trying to put a bandage on an internal bleeding wound. It just won’t work. We need to address the root cause to actually see results

Contrary to popular belief your hair is growing every single second of the day, if you are not seeing results it is simply because it is breaking off.

Afro hair is the most fragile hair texture in the world, we covered this in our previous episode here. 

But it doesn’t just stop there, not only is our hair type incredibly fragile, it is also more prone to knots due to the kinks, coils and curls our hair type forms. This makes it incredibly difficult to comb and predisposes it to breakage when compared to our Caucasian and Asian counterparts. [1]

So it is no surprise that because of this fragile nature, extra care must be taken when handling our precious strands. Failure to do this will result in the challenges we often see including “thinning ends” and hair “not growing past a certain point”.

So what is breakage?

Breakage is not normal. Shed hair can be normal so long as it is not excessive (we will tackle this in a future post). You can distinguish between broken hair and shed hair when you cannot see the hair root (looks like a white bulb at the top of the hair shaft) because the hair has broken mid way.

hair shaft


hair bulb
real life hair bulb

Different types of breakage:

Can you see any of the below ends in your hair?

different types of hair breakage


So how do we avoid this and get the hair growth results we all want to see?


The Solution: A great detangling routine that takes into consideration the fragile nature of our hair! Here’s one we made already 😊, see below:

  1. Section hair into at least 4 - this will prevent you from being overwhelmed with the density of your hair and will allow you to better handle knots!
  2. Saturate the section with water (preferably in the shower) - this will moisturise your hair and make it a lot easier to manage, Afro hair is the most fragile texture in the world, dry afro hair is even more fragile so working with wet hair prevents this.
  3. Apply our “Tangle Slayer” liberally to your strands root to tip - this extreme slip detangling conditioner will soften your hair so it feels like silk, glides through your fingers; cutting your detangling time by half and eradicate unnecessary breakage.
  4. Finger detangle gently - your fingers are the best thing when it comes to your hair, combs are great but always use your hands first! Work in even smaller sections to gently remove the knots, take your sweet time your beautiful crown deserves that extra TLC.
  5. Rewet the section to reactivate the conditioner
  6. Cut out any single strand knots (SSKs) with a pair of hair scissors/shears (not kitchen scissors!) - this will prevent you from trying to comb through them and cause breakage.
  7. DO NOT OVER-DETANGLE - Our hair type is naturally intertwined and prone to knots so it is impossible to remove every single tangle in its entirety. Have you noticed that as soon as you remove tangles, new ones form? So don’t stress yourself, work to get your hair to a point where it is a lot more manageable (no deep rooted knots) and leave it there. There is no need to try to get it to comb through like typical straight hair, that is just something our hair can never achieve (and that’s ok!)
  8. Only detangle when ABSOLUTELY necessary - typically only on wash days to prevent over manipulation. The less manipulation, the better.

🌟Bonus Tip - When taking down protective styles like braids/twists there will be alot of build up, so gently finger detangle each and every braided/twisted section BEFORE you wet your hair. If you apply water on hair like this it will matte up and cause further breakage.

There are many other reasons for hair loss and breakage which we will cover over the next series of posts, make sure you sign up to our waiting list and add us as a contact so you never miss an update.

Try this in your next wash day and let us know how much less hair broke off.

I'm sure you have questions. Comment below and we will answer!

Remember we don’t just sell you product, we teach you how to use them!


  • Mia


    Thanks for the strategies. I have dry hair, mainly on the ends and it does snap off if you don’t keep moisturized. I am going to pay better attention when time to detangle. You just can’t leave your hair unmoisturized for long periods of time, now I see.

  • Avis Wilson

    Avis Wilson

    Thank you very much for these useful reminders.
    Over manipulation is a big issue with me.
    My aim is to make a conscious effort to leave my hair alone.

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